Interested in Volunteering at Abundant Blessings Thrift Store?

We would love to have you be part of the team! Fill out this volunteer form and our volunteer coordinator will follow-up with you shortly. If you are interested in learning more about our open positions, check out our current positions below.


    Volunteers who work the cashier are yet another friendly face of our organization. As they help customers complete their purchases they are simultaneously helping us to help our neighbors.


    There is no task too great or too small! We strive to keep our store clean, free from funny smells and dirty merchandise. Volunteers who give their cleaning skills to our store are not only helping us maintain a friendly presence but are also helping us keep up our brand.

    Receive Donations

    We value the donations that come into our store. We need volunteers with friendly smiles and strong backs to help us receive the variety of items that are donated to our store each day.

    Donation Sorter

    Donation sorters help keep our backroom processes efficient. We need volunteers who can spot hidden gems, vintage finds and quality items.

    Pricing / Tagging

    Once donations are sorted, we need volunteers to price the items before they make it to the retail floor. Whether it’s a rack of clothing or a cart of household items, each item you price is another item that can be sold to support our mission of helping our neighbors in need.

    Building / Designing displays

    The best part of thrift shopping is that the merchandise changes daily. You never know what you might find. We need volunteer craftsmen and designers to help us keep our rotating retail floor and window displays looking great.